Chinese …Tibet version

With restive Tibetan areas swarming with troops and closed to scrutiny from the outside world, China’s government has turned up efforts to put its own version of the unrest before the international public. Information barely trickled out of the Tibetan capital Lhasa and other far-flung Tibetan communities, where foreign media were banned and thousands of troops dispatched to quell the most widespread demonstrations against Chinese rule in nearly five decades.

The Chinese government was attempting to fill the information vacuum with its own message, saying Sunday through official media that the restive areas were under control. The government has also disseminated footage of Tibetan protesters attacking Chinese and accusations of biased reporting by Western media via TV, the Internet, e-mail and YouTube, which is blocked in China. The media barrage underscored that the government campaign is moving into a new phase of damage control ahead of the much-anticipated Beijing Olympics in August. On Sunday, Communist Party newspapers accused the Dalai Lama of orchestrating the riots in Tibet to try to mar the Olympics and overthrow the area’s communist leaders.

Right, the people of Tibet woke up one morning and said, “Freedom? No we don’t want freedom, we want to spoil the Olympic Games and get killed!” the amazing about the Chinese state is not that they say things like that but that they also believe them!



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3 responses to “Chinese …Tibet version

  1. Chorasmian

    Right, Dalai Lama woke up one morning and said, “Riot? No we don’t want riot, I will resign if riot persisted!” the amazing about Dalai Lama is not that he say things like that but that they also believe him!

  2. Chorasmian

    BTW, that pic was taken in Nepal.

  3. tigerloong

    It’s nepal police,ok?
    Truth is here
    Show westen people the truth

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