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Mexico plant banned GM corn

In the dry state of Chihuahua, south of the Texas border, 68-year-old Amado Trevizo became an accidental outlaw last year when his son planted 10 sacks of seeds of GM corn, banned in Mexico. Trevizo was left with the 10-hectare (25-acre) harvest when his son was killed in a car accident, making him the unwitting owner of a technically illegal crop.

That fact aside, Trevizo is delighted with his harvest.”The other corn stalks were completely eaten by worms, but on those ones the worms only took a little bite and then fell off,” said Trevizo. With genetically modified, or GM, corn he also saved money by using less water and pesticides. GMO foods, whose DNA is altered to be resistant to pests, are pushed by supporters as a way to boost world food supplies, but opponents question their safety. In Europe consumers dub them “Frankenstein” foods.

The debate over GMOs is now dividing the Mexican countryside, known as the birthplace of corn, which was first grown in the region thousands of years ago. Some farmers in the arid northern flatlands are planting banned GMO corn to boost productivity. But farmers in the south fear stray GMO pollen will ruin native corn varieties, and environmentalists also decry any entry of GMOs into Mexico. The seeds are smuggled across the border from the United States, the world’s largest corn producer. More than 70 percent of U.S. corn is genetically modified.

At least they grow …corn because reading it I was expecting something else that according some researches is pretty high in planning and …using in Mexico!


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Dutch Islam film website ‘shut’

A website that a Dutch right-wing politician was planning to use to release a film expected to be fiercely critical of Islam has been suspended. The US hosting service, Network Solutions, said it was investigating complaints that it may have breached guidelines on hate language.


Dutch politician Geert Wilders says the 15-minute film describes Islam as “the enemy of freedom”. The planned release has sparked angry protests in many Muslim countries. The Dutch government has disassociated itself from Mr. Wilders’ views, but there are fears the film will spark protests similar to those that followed the publication in Denmark two years ago of cartoons seen as offensive to Muslims. The film has already been condemned by several Muslim countries, including Iran and Pakistan.

There is one part I don’t get, and that has nothing to do with what motivated a right-wing politician to create this site – after all he is right wing and that says a lot – but what’s really going on here? Are we going to be afraid what we say or write because we might upset somebody fanatic in Pakistan or Iran and they might complain to the embassy and then goodbye …blog? Since when we transform every ignorant fanatic Muslim to expert in freedom of speech?


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World Meteorological Day

Each year, on 23 March, the World Meteorological Organization, its 188 Members and the worldwide meteorological community celebrate World Meteorological Day. This Day commemorates the entry into force, on that date in 1950, of the WMO Convention creating the Organization. Subsequently, in 1951, WMO was designated a specialized agency of the United Nations System.


This year, celebrations at the Secretariat will take place on 25 March.

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His Royal Dictator Perez Musharraf

At a military parade to mark Pakistan’s national day, the Pakistani dictator Mr. Musharraf said a new era of …democracy was beginning. The remarks came a day after his political opponents nominated Yusuf Raza Gillani as candidate for PM. The man has humor!


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Kimi Raikkonen won the Malaysian Grand Prix

World champion Kimi Raikkonen kicked his title defence into life with victory in the Malaysian Grand Prix. The Finn passed his Ferrari team-mate Felipe Massa thanks to a stunning lap before his first pit stop, after which he dominated the race. Massa spun out of second place, gifting it to BMW Sauber’s Robert Kubica, with Heikki Kovalainen’s McLaren third.

Raikkonen said: “I got alongside Felipe after I got a bit better start but I thought we don’t want to risk between the team-mates in the first corner, and I decided to stay behind and try my move on the first stop and it worked out perfectly. “We were pretty similar speed-wise, but once he went in my car went better and I was able to go much quicker on my in-lap and pass him.

“After that the car was handling perfectly and I was able to go away. “It was a pretty easy race from that first pitstop really. “We had quite a difficult weekend in Australia and we were not 100% sure it was going to be any different here. “But everything worked perfectly. This is a good start to the season for us and we’re in a pretty good position.”

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Billionaire Leonid Rozhetskin …spy mystery

Jet-setting billionaire Leonid Rozhetskin, an outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, vanished from his £1 million home just outside the Latvian capital Riga a week ago. Last night, Latvian authorities expressed fears that Mr. Rozhetskin, one of the co-founders and major shareholders in British business newspaper City AM, may have been murdered.


Latvian police say they have approached Scotland Yard for help in the light of Litvinenko’s death from radiation poisoning from polonium-210 in London in November 2006. The move prompted fears that 41-year-old Mr. Rozhetskin, who was a regular visitor to London for board meetings, may have been the victim of a political murder plot.

A Latvian police spokesman added that Mr. Rozhetskin had disappeared in “extremely worrying circumstances”.

The long arm of the former KGB agent or conspiracy theories?


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Chinese …Tibet version

With restive Tibetan areas swarming with troops and closed to scrutiny from the outside world, China’s government has turned up efforts to put its own version of the unrest before the international public. Information barely trickled out of the Tibetan capital Lhasa and other far-flung Tibetan communities, where foreign media were banned and thousands of troops dispatched to quell the most widespread demonstrations against Chinese rule in nearly five decades.

The Chinese government was attempting to fill the information vacuum with its own message, saying Sunday through official media that the restive areas were under control. The government has also disseminated footage of Tibetan protesters attacking Chinese and accusations of biased reporting by Western media via TV, the Internet, e-mail and YouTube, which is blocked in China. The media barrage underscored that the government campaign is moving into a new phase of damage control ahead of the much-anticipated Beijing Olympics in August. On Sunday, Communist Party newspapers accused the Dalai Lama of orchestrating the riots in Tibet to try to mar the Olympics and overthrow the area’s communist leaders.

Right, the people of Tibet woke up one morning and said, “Freedom? No we don’t want freedom, we want to spoil the Olympic Games and get killed!” the amazing about the Chinese state is not that they say things like that but that they also believe them!


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