Turks forgot the Kurds when supporting Kosovo

Clashes have broken out in a number of cities in Turkey between police and demonstrators celebrating the Kurdish spring festival. You see in Turkey Kurds have no rights in anything, language, believes, traditions.


Dozens of people were hurt and scores arrested in the protests, media said. In the worst violence, police used tear gas and water cannon in Van against protesters chanting slogans in support of the banned PKK Kurdish rebel group. Which is natural, what this people ask is very simple, independence from a tyrannical state that suppresses them.

By the way I think Turkey was one of the first countries to support the independence of Kosovo, why now don’t they support the independence of the Kurds? The unrest follows last month’s incursion by Turkey’s army into northern Iraq to target the PKK but why they always connect everything to PKK? The simple Kurdish people want to get rid of the Turks; they want their independence and freedom which is natural.


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