Obama’s passport files

If Obama will be elected he will definitely have a lot of work to do if he doesn’t want to live what F.J.K. lived with FBI and other internal foes. Apparently the latest incident comes from the US Department of State that had to fire two contractors and disciplined a third for accessing the passport file of presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

A spokesman for the department, Sean McCormack, said the cases were probably the result of “imprudent curiosity”. But he said it was not clear what the employees may have seen or what they were looking for. In the times we live curiosity is just …out of question.

A spokesman for Mr. Obama suggested that the government could be using private information for “political purposes”. And he is right. The strange thing is what they were looking for, all these stupid things like he was trained in Pakistan and his real name is Osama? How naïve or how stupid they can be.



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