Nancy Pelosi about China

It was about time for somebody with senior position to open the mouth and say something on what’s going on in China. Nancy Pelosi has called on the international community to denounce China’s rule in Tibet. Ms. Pelosi is holding talks in northern India with the Dalai Lama, who Chinese authorities accused of inciting the violence.

As Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Ms. Pelosi is outranked only by the president and the vice-president. Her visit to Dharamsala was planned before the anti-China protests began.

“If freedom-loving people throughout the world do not speak out against China and the Chinese in Tibet, we have lost all moral authority to speak out on human rights,” Ms Pelosi told a crowd of thousands of cheering Tibetans, including monks and schoolchildren.

Not that is going to change much but at least now the people know that is not only some kind of interests that keep all the governments from saying something and that they are hostages of their own government but there are some voices ready to support them however small and light this support might be.


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