Hypocrisy Mr. Annan?

Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan questioned whether all countries on the Security Council have lived up to their responsibility to protect civilians in Darfur from atrocities. Annan said there was “quite a bit of hypocrisy on all sides” in trying to resolve the five-year conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region, especially in encouraging the African Union to take on peacekeeping without sufficient resources.

The overwhelmed A.U. force struggled for years to stem the bloodshed in Darfur until it was replaced by a joint A.U.-U.N. force that began deploying in January after months of wrangling with the Sudanese government. The new force is authorized to have 26,000 troops and police but only a fraction is on the ground. Annan criticized well-equipped countries for refusing to provide essential helicopters for the mission despite repeated appeals from the U.N.

At a dinner in his honor on Thursday, Annan said U.N. member states had placed the duty to protect civilians threatened by genocide or war crimes in the hands of the members of the Security Council. “It is fair to question whether all of them have yet fully lived up to that responsibility — notably in Darfur,” Annan said.

What Mr. Annan forgot to tell us is when all this started and who was the UN General Secretary when all this started! So in the end the greatest hypocrite of all it is Mr. Kofi Annan!




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4 responses to “Hypocrisy Mr. Annan?

  1. jean francois

    Seeing the incredible energy Annan has spent trying to push countries to recognize that they had a responsibility to protect citizens from genocide, and this since the very first years of his tenure, it is a bit ignorant to claim he is the hypocrit here.

    His strong leadership on that subject got all states to sign in 2005 that they officially recogise their responsibility to protect citizens. Don’t forget that the UN s not one man but 192 nations. The failures of the UN to act is not his failures but the inability for countries to work together or to react to atrocities.

    Sudan, China, the US, and many others need to live up to what they have promised. Annan and the head of the UN is there to remind them, but can’t impose them. And you, as a world citizen, what are you doing for Darfur? We all have a responsibility and something we can do. Watch who you blame.

  2. It is hypocrisy in the sense that the man less a year ago had the power and he didn’t do anything and when he remembered for example Darfur it was late, don’t forget Sudan’s civil war has nearly 20 years history and that we found out about Darfur the last few years doesn’t mean it is new. However Annan knew and he could make the difference but …he didn’t! The General Secretary is there not just to remind the nations of their obligations but to force peace, negotiations and mediate otherwise Bush’s administration was right to ignore the UN in the Iraq case and we don’t need it.

  3. jean francois

    You are right when you say that more concrete action needs to happen. Annan did try extremely hard to make the situation in Darfur move ahead, it is probably one of the areas he was most insistant on. The UN did pass resolutions saying they would commit to sending a force there. Annan succeeded in making states commit, more than once. And now, states won’t make an effort to provide basic things like helicopters or logistics to make that force happen. States don’t commit to their engagement, and it’s the job of citizens to pressure them too. we vote for them. If the US cared a little more about Darfur, it could have much much more influence than a UN secretary-general in pushing for a peace-process. that’s how the 2005 peace process btw the North and South Sudan was obtained in the first place. with US mediation, monitoring, pressures. Unfortunately places without oil, like darfur, tend to be of much lesser important to the US. In this sense you’re right. For those purposes as why it went into Iraq, it definitly is better to avoid going through the UN. Avoid proving that a war is legitimate, avoid international law…

    Again, for Darfur, watch who you blame. You want action to happen, what about pressuring Bush to act? Wanna make sure US companies aren’t actually sponsoring genocide? there are plenty of ways to do so. Especially around election times. If this is something you care about, make sure people who actually have the power to change things care about it too.

    go see genocideintervention.org, they have great info and recommendations on how you can act. It’s global day for darfur next sunday too. If you want your voice heard, it’s a great time to join groups. There are concerts, marches, talks…

  4. My friend I was in Sudan far before we started talking about the clash of religions (doing a research in Africa) and I have the feeling this is where it started, and if that was not enough it was the soviet union (then) arming guerrillas and creating a third front with victims of all three the innocent. That was over twenty-five years ago. The only ones who really knew and had full information about was the UK government, the Saudis (funding a lot of the warlords) and the UN from the NGOs that where on the field, the institutes and the universities that had people doing researches. The UN …did nothing. I;m not going to go through the former UN GS but the reason I’m so angry with Annan is because he was the …last hope inside UN. He was in …theory; I remind you the things he said last year in the Security Council for the crisis in Lebanon and the individual interest that stop real action while people die. You see he knew and he knows, you see he had said where was the problem, he just …did nothing to change it!

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