Mugabe resurrecting dead for the elections

On Monday, Mugabe issued a decree to allow police officers into polling stations – just two months after they were banned to ensure voting would be secret. Mugabe said the police could be allowed to help disabled people vote. But a spokesman said the police could be used to make people vote for Mr. Mugabe.


The Zimbabwe Election Support Network said the move reversed electoral reforms made in January, passed after consultations with the opposition. This stipulated that police officers had to remain at least 100 meters away from polling stations.

“Voters requiring assistance to cast their ballots should be able to designate a person of their choice to help them mark their ballot,” ZESN chairperson Noel Kututwa told the privately owned Financial Gazette newspaper.

The man will do anything to win, I bet the population of Zimbabwe will increase 20% just for these elections, even dead will vote for Mugabe. Something must happen and it must happen soon with this monster. I’m sure after he will be in prison we will find out that even Hitler was a small crook compared this monster.



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