Protesters ‘surrender’ to Chinese police in Tibet

I find it difficult to believe that more than 100 people have turned themselves in to Chinese police following the anti-China riots in Tibet’s capital. Lhasa. I find difficult to believe that these people surrendered voluntarily as the Chinese state said, in response to a deadline given by the authorities!


The Chinese government said that it will punish seriously protesters who do not surrender and there are already news coming out from Lhasa that the police has been searching houses and making arrests.

And I find it difficult to believe that these people are going to survive but what I find more difficult to take is the impudence with which the Chinese government dares come with announcements like this … voluntarily surrounded!




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5 responses to “Protesters ‘surrender’ to Chinese police in Tibet

  1. Arcan

    I don’t think the protesters will be executed, just sent to some dingy prison for a while and “disciplined.”

    This whole thing looks ugly all around.

    Although to be honest, considering US behavior in the world today, I can’t say we’re a whole lot better. And after, we’ve been occupying land that the native Americans had been residing in for tens of thousands of years, while also seizing the US Southwest from Mexico in the 1840’s. So it’s not like we’re all that fine and dandy ourselves on this issue.

  2. I do agree with you, still it is devastating knowing what is going to happen to these people.

  3. tiger

    If you watched the video footage, you will find Tibetan is attacking unarmed civilian and beaten to death. I can’t see any video footage showing Tibetan was been beaten by Chinese army. The shot was heard but use our brain to think, is every shot fired by police point towards suspects?

    There are more than few hundreds of western tourist left Tibet spoke out of what they have seen in the past week but never been ‘officially’ broadcast by TV, otherwise these tourist will make these politician accused Chinese government in this unrest very embarrassing.

  4. tiger

    BTW, voluntarily surrounded does exists in China for few hundreds years already, Chinese is more forgiving than you can imagine

  5. Tiger please have a look at the mainstream media, you will read about tens of dead among the demonstrators.
    Regarding the volunteer surrounding I can only say that the past doesn’t really support your argument, remember the students of the Tienanmen square.

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