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On the other side of the galaxy

This is like a miracle especially if you think that it is only hours since the great Arthur Clarke died. A carbon-containing molecule has been detected for the first time on a planet outside our Solar System.

The organic compound methane was found in the atmosphere of a planet orbiting a star some 63 light years away. Water has also been found in its atmosphere, but scientists say the planet is far too hot to support life.

The discovery, unveiled in the journal Nature, is an important step towards exploring new worlds that might be more hospitable to life, they say. Methane, made up of carbon and hydrogen, is the simplest possible organic compound. Under certain circumstances, methane can play a key role in prebiotic chemistry – the chemical reactions considered necessary to form life. Scientists detected the gas in the atmosphere of a Jupiter-sized planet known as HD 189733b.

The other side of the moon Clarke dreamt of, or better the other side of the galaxy!

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Mugabe’s ‘democratic’ elections

Zimbabwe is failing to meet its democratic obligations in the run up to elections on 29 March, says an international human rights group. Human Rights Watch (HRW) says the government has intimidated opposition supporters, and that the electoral process is deeply flawed.

Reading that about Mugabe’s elections and his idea of democracy you feel like laughing. Unfortunately the people of Zimbabwe can only …cry!

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The Ovi magazine today

Today’s Ovi magazine articles:

Outrageous Happenings in Tibet: Boycott the Olympics by Alexandra Pereira

Every citizen of the supposedly democratic countries should show his/her repulsion towards the recent happenings in Lhasa and the almost 60-year-old occupation of Tibet by China, following abominable policies of ethnic genocide and religious and cultural.

China’s Copycat Economics by Valerie Sartor
North American factory workers are fuming as China taps into more and more industries, almost effortlessly gaining the market share majority. However, China experienced copycat economics long before employing it as a current economic strategy.

Danish report by Euro Reporter
Denmark has more to offer than bacon… Euro Reporter investigates.

2nd Opinion by Thanos K & Asa B
He is bad …really bad! Seriously, I think you’ll need a second opinion after this.


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Arthur C Clarke died

One of the best, most likely the best, science fiction author just died. With him science fiction had a real meaning since his work was based into scientific facts, scientist himself!


And is so weird, a few weeks before I bought a book with a collection of Arthur Clarke’s very early works, short stories coming from early ‘30s and I was so amazed with his talent. Nothing to say about the 2001 of course, his magnificent Space Odyssey.

I think for the next few days so many people will write about him that it doesn’t matter what I say in this blog but there is one thing, Clarke’s books kept me alive, aware and questioning always! Rest in peace Sir Arthur!


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Protesters ‘surrender’ to Chinese police in Tibet

I find it difficult to believe that more than 100 people have turned themselves in to Chinese police following the anti-China riots in Tibet’s capital. Lhasa. I find difficult to believe that these people surrendered voluntarily as the Chinese state said, in response to a deadline given by the authorities!


The Chinese government said that it will punish seriously protesters who do not surrender and there are already news coming out from Lhasa that the police has been searching houses and making arrests.

And I find it difficult to believe that these people are going to survive but what I find more difficult to take is the impudence with which the Chinese government dares come with announcements like this … voluntarily surrounded!



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