Ovi magazine articles for today

Today Ovi magazine articles include:

Ms. Kern’s right and paid sex by Thanos Kalamidas. Two US officials came to the centre of the news last week each for very different reasons. One is resigning, perhaps facing legal implications, and the other enjoys full protection from the party she represents and local authorities; what were the charges

Refreshing the cinematic palette by Asa Butcher. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences deemed ‘You Can’t Take It with You’ to be the Best Picture of 1938 and awarded it so at the 11th Academy Awards, plus they bestowed Capra with his third and final Oscar for Best Director.

An Alternative to a Dehumanized Civilization by Emanuel L. Paparella. Edwin Arthur Burtt once wrote, “An adequate cosmology will only begin to be written when an adequate philosophy of mind has appeared, and such a philosophy of mind must provide full satisfaction…”

Behind The Iron Doors of Hell by The Ovi Team. Having had a marriage from hell and a chilling divorce in the notorious British secret family courts, Ivana Kelly stumbles across a hidden world of misogyny. WARNING: ARTICLE CONTENT MAY BE UPSETTING


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