Britney Spears hospital reports

Hospital staff in Los Angeles will lose their jobs for reading Britney Spears‘ medical records, reports suggest. The Los Angeles Times says workers at the UCLA medical centre looked at Spears’ confidential files when she was admitted to the hospital in January.

Jeri Simpson, the hospital’s head of human resources, confirmed to the AP news agency that several staff would be disciplined or fired over the incident. “It’s very frustrating and it’s very disappointing,” she said. According to the Los Angeles Times, 13 staff – none of them doctors – will lose their jobs. Another 12 will be disciplined for looking at Spears’ computer records, it reported. However, the hospital would not confirm these figures, nor would it say when the incident took place.

The funny thing is following the reports in the streets you didn’t need to be a doctor to understand that there is something wrong with this girl and I know that I will sound a bit odd but from the minute everybody realized that the girl needed help everybody should let her do so and not continue harassing her even in the hospital bed or trying to get the hospital reports.

In this sense it is good that the hospitals taking cars for that and it is obvious that it was not just curiosity that made these people go after Britney’s medical reports but …money!


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