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Britney Spears hospital reports

Hospital staff in Los Angeles will lose their jobs for reading Britney Spears‘ medical records, reports suggest. The Los Angeles Times says workers at the UCLA medical centre looked at Spears’ confidential files when she was admitted to the hospital in January.

Jeri Simpson, the hospital’s head of human resources, confirmed to the AP news agency that several staff would be disciplined or fired over the incident. “It’s very frustrating and it’s very disappointing,” she said. According to the Los Angeles Times, 13 staff – none of them doctors – will lose their jobs. Another 12 will be disciplined for looking at Spears’ computer records, it reported. However, the hospital would not confirm these figures, nor would it say when the incident took place.

The funny thing is following the reports in the streets you didn’t need to be a doctor to understand that there is something wrong with this girl and I know that I will sound a bit odd but from the minute everybody realized that the girl needed help everybody should let her do so and not continue harassing her even in the hospital bed or trying to get the hospital reports.

In this sense it is good that the hospitals taking cars for that and it is obvious that it was not just curiosity that made these people go after Britney’s medical reports but …money!

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F1 for Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton started the F1 season in the best position winning the opening Australian Grand Prix on his way for his first world title. The Englishman dominated from the start in his McLaren

to beat Nick Heidfeld’s BMW Sauber and Nico Rosberg’s Williams.

World champion the Finn Kimi Raikkonen threw away a chance to challenge Hamilton with a mistake while trying to pass the second McLaren of Heikki Kovalainen.

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An “Afghan idol” in Taliban land

An Afghan woman who sang her way to the top three of Afghanistan’s version of American Idol has been voted out. Lima Sahar was the first Afghan woman to make it to the top three of the country’s popular “Afghan Star” television show, which is now in its third year. Conservative critics had taken aim at the 20-year-old woman for singing in public in the conservative Muslim country.

Let’s hope that after the “Afghan idol” the woman made her way out of Afghanistan as well. Sahar, who comes from Afghanistan’s most conservative tribe — the Pashtuns, thanked everyone who had voted for her. She also reminded the audience that there had been very little music in Afghanistan in the last two decades, which have been mostly consumed with war.

Remember under the Taliban regime that was overthrown in 2001, women were not even allowed out of their homes unaccompanied, while music and television were banned and the Taliban are not far out, daily reports are coming from assassins and murders organized by the Taliban.


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Iran, freedom and fair in prison

Hard-liners? Reformists? Somebody is making a joke to the people of Iran; whatever they voted the puppet dictator of the ayatollahs will be the president!

The international media report that the early results suggest that the caricature president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has the ‘parliament’ – they don’t call it temple – has won a strong victory! I’m speechless; do they mean that there was an opposition? Alive? Reformists also hailed successes, despite the barring of large numbers of their candidates from the race.

The EU has criticized the conduct of the vote as “neither fair nor free”. What Iran’s dictators have to do with fair and freedom? You just need to read a couple of the puppet dictator’s speeches to understand that freedom in Iran is prison or shot dead!


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Today’s Ovi magazine

Today’s Ovi magazine just like every day full of rich material

Paul Allen investment bloom – Night crane over Boomtown Seattle by Linda Lane. The rest of the United States may be entering a depression phase due to wartime over-spending but the truth is Seattle and Bellevue are booming. There are actually too many construction cranes to count. No kidding.

Faces of Burma’s Refugee: Children Behind the Prison Bars by Rohingya Human Rights. Saw Yan Naing of the Irrawaddy News ran a report along with an AFP picture of some children of Burma standing behind bars with other detainees in a crowded detention cell in Mae Sot, Thailand.

Photoville by Thanos Kalamidas. It is in the news, you just have to find it and manipulate it!!!

Czech Report by Euro Reporter. The Czech Republic may be a landlocked country, but Euro Reporter is still prepared to get his feet wet.


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More dead in Tibet

This is not breaking news, this terrifying news, the country that is hosting the Olympic Games, the international institution of peace and friendship has killed more than 80 people while protesting for Tibet’s


The Dalai Lama has already warned the Chinese government that the protests are not going to stop and in extent the international community that more deaths are coming. And that while heavy Chinese forces are in Lhasa, Tibet’s main city everywhere in the street exercising their dictatorial force.


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