Meat Loaf out of Hell

Meat Loaf in an interview said something I really liked, referring to music nowadays the rock legend said, “They’re building Quarter Pounders with Cheese that you get from the drive-through window and you eat with your plastic paper, drink with the Coke in the plastic cup and you’re done and it’s in the trash on your exit from McDonald’s. That’s the music business. It comes wrapped in a paper thing and a paper cup and it’s disposable. There’s no fine china.”

Wow! Think of it, how can you compare something like, Hotel California or Dust in the wind to anything that has come out the last two decades? And I’m not talking about the Beatles, Stones, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and the list is just too long. Thanks some of them are having reunions so we have the chance to hear some good music – well not all the time, Thin Lizzy reunion was just …sad!

Coming back to Meat Loaf, the man is right, today’s music is just like a paper wrapped burger you throw away before the end!


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