The original Ovi magazine

The last few months have been a number of Ovi magazine copycats and Ovi magazine imitators and they have tried using names like theovimagazine, ovimagazine, the ovi magazine and others to excuse their minor and pity existence. However they tried to manipulate google and other search engines they failed for one and simple reason, their inability to be unique, to have opinion, to say the truth. How can a lier, a copycat, a bad imitation survive next to Ovi magazine, something so unique and real, a place for exchange ideas and respect to democracy. imitating a magazine like Ovi magazine it doesn’t only show inability to do something, anything original but it shows clear that they are enemies of exactly what Ovi magazine represents, they are little fascists, enemies of freedom of speech and anything democratic.

There is only one original Ovi magazine and you can find it only here, the rest are just …minor brains, petite thieves, parasites you can only feel sad and sorry for their existence.

This is an article published in the last issue of the Ovi magazineOvi lehtiTheOviMagazineThe number of women graduating from Iran’s universities is overtaking the number of men, promising a change in the job market and, with it, profound social change.

Are we going to see female mullahs? A puppet president with skirt?


Japan and Australia have announced new financial sanctions against North Korea, stepping up pressure on the secretive state over missile tests.

What sort of sanctions? No more television for the weekends?


Al-Qaida in Iraq warned Pope Benedict XVI on Monday that its war against Christianity and the West will go on until Islam takes over the world, and Iran’s supreme leader called for more protests over the pontiff’s remarks on Islam.

Really? And they keep telling me how peaceful Islam is?


Toshiba is recalling 340,000 laptop batteries worldwide made by Sony Corp., the latest in a series of problems for the company.

The lethal laptop 4! What’s the matter? Are they committing suicide? Terror in the laptop street?


Muslims in Turkey, Iraq and the Palestinian territories demanded Tuesday that Pope Benedict XVI make a clear apology for his remarks on Islam, instead of saying only that he was “deeply sorry” that Muslims had taken offence.

If he will become Muslim will that make them happy?


Israel’s military chief said on Tuesday that Israel will withdraw all remaining troops from Lebanon by this weekend.

Did I read that sometime back in ’60s or am I wrong?


Bombers and gunmen killed at least 41 people and wounded dozens across Iraq on Monday, while parliament leaders again put off debate on legislation that some Iraqis fear could threaten the country’s unity and bring even more violence.

George, are you sure that this is still not a civil war? When does it become a civil war?


Trying to carve a better future for the Iraqis!

With or without Americans?


President Bush challenged world leaders to do more to build democracy in the Middle East, speaking at the United Nations. He asked U.N. members for help in “encouraging the forces of moderation in this struggle against extremism”

Let’s hope that he doesn’t consider himself as the model!!!


Employees of the state body that organizes Muslim worship in Turkey asked the authorities on Tuesday to open legal proceedings against Pope Benedict and to arrest him when he visits the country in November.

Should I laugh or cry? I suppose that happens often with all the candidate countries in EU!


Hungary’s prime minister has refused to resign after Monday’s anti-government riots and vowed to push ahead with tough economic reforms despite admitting in a leaked recording that officials lied about the economy.

Why to retire? To give the bad example? Is anybody out there who believes politicians?


I don’t want money. I want trade agreements, said the president of Senegal while visiting Germany

Right, and what trade agreements make? Please tell me?

Money money, makes the world goes round!!!


If a manager sucks two months after the super-employee he brought to save the company as useless is called bad manager and he starts thinking retirement.

When a football team’s pathetic owner is doing the same with the coach what should he have done?

That was an example of rhetorical question!

Did you read the Ovi magazine?
I mean the one and only, the original Ovi magazine, doesn’t matter if you want to call it Ovi magazine, theovimagazine or Ovi Lehti is just one and the same.

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