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Turkey feeling…unfairness!

This is an article published in the last issue of the Ovi magazineOvi lehti

How odd, after the latest events in the Middle East and in Lebanon, where obviously Israel has the blessing from the American administration, the Turkish prime minister said in an angry message that America has two different answers for two similar situations.

Mr. Erdogan would find nobody to agree more than Turkey’s old enemies. The Greeks and the Cypriots. Apparently, despite all political differences, this is one thing that Greeks and Cypriot politicians totally agree upon: American policy can be very unfair.

When Iraq invaded Kuwait it took only a few months for an international force, the biggest after the Second World War, to be assembled, led by the Americans and just a couple of weeks to free Kuwait sending Saddam back to his barracks. If that was not enough, Americans never forgive or forget, so ten years later they went back and finished the job, with fewer allies this time – call me UK. The second time they actually demolished Iraq and imprisoned Saddam.

Cyprus was invaded by Turkey, while Turkey used exactly the same excuses as Saddam used and apparently the same that Hitler used to invade Czechoslovakia 60 years before. The Americans didn’t bother to make a force, the UN was comfortable with just some announcements and they all called Cyprus for negotiations.

Turkey doesn’t recognize Cyprus as an independent country even today and I haven’t seen any of these leaders who chopped Saddam’s head doing anything with Turkey. Cyprus is a full member of the EU with the right to veto, however Turkey ignores that fact pressing to become a member and still occupies part of EU soil! Now, who is unfair?

Why is Mr. Erdogan complaining? Turkey has been practicing genocide for a long time starting with the Armenians and the Kurds are the latest victims. All this time America and other powers have been whistling innocently looking at the beautiful sunset till Turkey and Mr. Erdogan decided to export genocide going after the Kurds that are left in Iraq.

After baptizing them ‘terrorists’, an old trick that Hitler used often, they used an early form of Israel’s ‘cleaning operation’ in Lebanon and decided to clean the earth of all the Kurd ‘terrorists’ by invading Iraq. Unfortunately for Turkey, the Kurds of Iraq are the only allies the American have there and the only ones who practically helped them during the invasion so…no way Turkey! At least for now and in the middle of a civil war in Iraq, even the Americans are not willing to sell out their last allies there.

What’s missing? For the Americans to start correcting their unfair acts by starting in a chronological order and organize an army to free northern Cyprus from the invaders!

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