The original Ovi magazine

Ovi LehtiA 46-year-old man is accused of assaulting his wife with a carrot, causing her to lose sight in one eye.
Damn, he missed the target!!! Lower next time, dude!


Meth abuse continues to fuel an increase in crimes (in USA) like robbery and assault, straining the workload of local police forces despite a drop in the number of meth lab seizures, according to a survey.
What about Republicanism? No survey about that? Doctor, doctor, is it lethal?


The National Enquirer apologized to Britney Spears in its British edition Tuesday for reporting that she was ready to divorce Kevin Federline.
And I’m sure all the 16-year-old Lebanese really appreciated this!


Gov. Bill Owens signed a measure banning child brides, ending an uproar sparked by a court ruling that said 12-year-old girls could enter common-law marriages in Colorado.
By the way, what’s pedophilia called in Colorado?


Nearly 6,000 civilians were slain across Iraq in May and June, a spike in deaths that coincided with rising sectarian attacks across the country, the United Nations said Tuesday.
George, did you see this report? Just wondering!


Pam Anderson will be putting a new twist on “Home Improvement.” US Weekly is reporting that the 39-year-old star is set to marry her on-again, off-again fiancé, Kid Rock.
I didn’t really get this…home improvement, has it got anything to do with the size of her breasts again?


The Walt Disney Co. is restructuring its studio division to emphasize blockbuster franchise films over more adult fare, a move that will mean slashing 650 jobs worldwide, the company announced Tuesday.
It was all Mickey Mouse!!!


Microsoft Corp. plans to license a technology for manipulating three-dimensional images as part of the company’s efforts to make more money from its in-house research and development.
Damn Bill, are we going now to crash all the time in 3D?


At least 55 civilians have been killed in Israeli air strikes in Lebanon.
What f#@kin’ comment can you make here?


A heatwave affecting much of Western Europe has resulted in several deaths, health officials say. And what the f$#k can I say here?


A plan to create rapid reaction teams of border guards to deal with European Union immigration crises has been unveiled by the European Commission.
Is this going to keep stupidity escaping from Europe as well?


Chile has opened its newest art gallery, housed in a police station where security forces eavesdropped on dissidents during military rule.
That’s a chilling joke.


Did you read the Ovi magazine?
I mean the one and only, the original Ovi magazine, doesn’t matter if you want to call it Ovi magazine or Ovi Lehti is just one and the same.

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The last few months have been a number of Ovi magazine copycats and Ovi magazine imitators and they have tried using names like theovimagazine, ovimagazine, the ovi magazine and others to excuse their minor and pity existence. However they tried to manipulate google and other search engines they failed for one and simple reason, their inability to be unique, to have opinion, to say the truth. How can a lier, a copycat, a bad imitation survive next to Ovi magazine, something so unique and real, a place for exchange ideas and respect to democracy. imitating a magazine like Ovi magazine it doesn’t only show inability to do something, anything original but it shows clear that they are enemies of exactly what Ovi magazine represents, they are little fascists, enemies of freedom of speech and anything democratic.

There is only one original Ovi magazine and you can find it only here, the rest are just …minor brains, petite thieves, parasites you can only feel sad and sorry for their existence.

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