The real Ovi magazine

The last few months have been a number of Ovi magazine copycats and Ovi magazine imitators and they have tried using names like theovimagazine, ovimagazine, the ovi magazine and others to excuse their minor and pity existence. However they tried to manipulate google and other search engines they failed for one and simple reason, their inability to be unique, to have opinion, to say the truth. How can a lier, a copycat, a bad imitation survive next to Ovi magazine, something so unique and real, a place for exchange ideas and respect to democracy. imitating a magazine like Ovi magazine it doesn’t only show inability to do something, anything original but it shows clear that they are enemies of exactly what Ovi magazine represents, they are little fascists, enemies of freedom of speech and anything democratic.

There is only one original Ovi magazine and you can find it only here, the rest are just …minor brains, petite thieves, parasites you can only feel sad and sorry for their existence.

Two Israeli soldiers have been killed in fierce fighting with Hezbollah guerrillas in southern Lebanon.

That was the header in BBC news, forgot to mention that 300 innocent Lebanese got killed the same time!!!


Did you read the last issue of Ovi magazine?

I mean the one and only, the original Ovi magazine, doesn’t matter if you want to call it Ovi magazine or Ovi Lehti is just one and the same.


A heat wave affecting much of Western Europe has resulted in several deaths, health officials say.

What? And they are not blaming Hezbollah for that? Why?


Eighteen months after the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami, hundreds have died after a giant wave struck the Indonesian island of Java. Their deaths have raised questions about the failure of a promised Indian Ocean tsunami early warning system to sound an adequate alert.

Promises, promises!


International efforts are under way to resolve a stand-off between Spain and Malta which has left 51 African migrants stranded at sea since Friday. Malta is refusing to allow a Spanish trawler which picked up the migrants to dock, drawing criticism from the UN.

What, they don’t have EU passports? Never let them in!


Credit and debit card firms will find it easier to cancel the cards of online pedophiles under a planned new law.

Is this a punishment? What about the good old methods like prison?


North Korea says it will halt cross-border family reunions with the South, in retaliation for Seoul’s decision to suspend food aid shipments.

Was that before o after they threaten USA with missiles?


A 46-year-old man is accused of assaulting his wife with a carrot, causing her to lose sight in one eye.

Damn, he missed the target!!! Lower next time dude!


The National Enquirer apologized to Britney Spears in its British edition Tuesday for reporting that she was ready to divorce Kevin Federline.

And I’m sure all 16 years old Lebanese really appreciate this!


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