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The real Ovi magazine

The last few months have been a number of Ovi magazine copycats and Ovi magazine imitators and they have tried using names like theovimagazine, ovimagazine, the ovi magazine and others to excuse their minor and pity existence. However they tried to manipulate google and other search engines they failed for one and simple reason, their inability to be unique, to have opinion, to say the truth. How can a lier, a copycat, a bad imitation survive next to Ovi magazine, something so unique and real, a place for exchange ideas and respect to democracy. imitating a magazine like Ovi magazine it doesn’t only show inability to do something, anything original but it shows clear that they are enemies of exactly what Ovi magazine represents, they are little fascists, enemies of freedom of speech and anything democratic.

There is only one original Ovi magazine and you can find it only here, the rest are just …minor brains, petite thieves, parasites you can only feel sad and sorry for their existence.

The top courts in two states dealt a setback Thursday to the movement to legalize gay marriage, with New York’s highest court ruling same-sex unions are not allowed under state law and the Georgia Supreme Court reinstating a voter-approved ban on gay marriage.

Try San Francisco!!!


A woman who tried to extort money from the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain by putting a dead mouse in a bowl of soup was sentenced to a year in jail.

Are you sure wasn’t Mickey Mouse?


A defiant North Korea on Thursday threatened to test-fire more missiles and warned of even stronger action if opponents of the tests put pressure on the country, amid signs of further activity at the reclusive regime’s launch sites.

It’s raining bomb … it’s raining bombs!!!


Croatia’s defense ministry has donated a World War II Nazi ship to a local Roman Catholic monastery, which will turn it into a sailing church, the Jutarnji List daily newspaper reported Tuesday.

Bless them!!!


Did you read the last issue of Ovi magazine?

I mean the one and only, the original Ovi magazine, doesn’t matter if you want to call it Ovi magazine or Ovi Lehti is just one and the same.


Mammoths may have come in various hair colors, perhaps even red and blond, new research indicates.

Blonde? Now we know what happened to them…. Really, have you ever heard the joke with the blonde mammoth?


A video of one of the London bombers is aired on al-Jazeera TV on the eve of the first anniversary of the attacks.

Sponsored by …whom?


Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the international community must resolve its problems with Iran and North Korea through negotiation.

What? The same way Russian negotiates with the Chechens?


China and India have opened a historic trade route that had been closed for nearly half a century.

They exchanged links in the blogs?


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